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Its the journey not the destination:)

"Seduce them with your intelligence, then kill them with your smile."

Unknown   (via housewifeswag)

"Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say fuck it."

Johnny Knoxville (via timmy)

"I’d much rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea."

Carrie Bradshaw (via luckisforsuckerss). (via gaixoa)


All I really want right now is for someone to sleep with me, like actually fall asleep with me. Wrapped up in my arms, tucked tightly under the blankets and our legs intertwined. And then just be there in the morning when I open my eyes, please.

"Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They’re the ones who deserve special places in your heart."

Unknown (via stevenbong)

"I didn’t lose a friend, I just realized I never had one."

(via fawun)


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Me tonight

21. Complete mess. Figuring shit out. Georgia. :)

They say I was baptized in dirty water
By the hands of the devil himself
Between the banks of a whiskey river
Beside the highway to hell

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